How many draft orders can I search?

250 as returned by Shopify's API. Shopify currently does not allow us to query draft orders nor does it always return them in order. If you have more then 250 draft orders in your store, we recommend deleting those that are no longer needed.

What factors can I search on?

Draft order number, email, first name and last name. We will be adding support for other factors in the future.

How many draft orders can I convert into POS carts?

As many as you like. There is no limit.

Can I see which draft orders were created from my POS system?

Yes. In order to do so, you ill need to alter the drafts by the tag "Created On POS". If you like, you can also setup a saved search with this tag by following the instructions in the article Filtering drafts by those created on POS.

What features are in the app?

We have built this app with merchants in mind. We added in all sorts of features to help. These include:

  • View up to 250 open draft orders in your store.
  • Search open draft orders by number, email, or name.
  • Add all line items, properties, discounts and customer details in one click
  • Delete draft orders
  • Automatically mark draft orders complete when checkout completes
  • Links draft orders to normal orders for easy lookup automatically
  • Create draft orders from the contents of the POS cart
  • Instantly see draft orders from all POS devices and your Online Store

What properties of the draft order does the app support?

We support adding most of the information from a draft order to POS Cart and back to a draft order again, ensuring other apps and systems continue to work without a problem. This includes:

  • Line Items (Quantity & Variant)
  • Custom Line Items (Quantity & Price)
  • Line Item Properties
  • Cart Attributes/Additional Cart Properties
  • Cart Discounts
  • Associated Customer

What properties of the draft order does the app not support?

We want everyone to love our apps, so we like to note what we currently do not support. Here are areas we still need to improve:

  • Searching and returning more then 250 open draft orders
  • Applying draft notes and cart notes
  • Line Item Discounts (both percentage and fixed)
  • Reserving items for periods of time when draft is created in POS
  • Handling shipping cost when applying drafts to the POS Cart

We are working to add these features in the future and hope to add them once API endpoints are introduced by the Shopify team. Unfortunately, until these items are included int he Shopify POS SDK and Admin API, we cannot support these features.

I think you are missing a feature!

If we are missing a feature that you need, let us know and we will do our best to add it to the app. Your feedback helps us drive the app forward, so let us know what could be better or features you need.

Additionally, if you are another app developer, get in touch so we can make sure our apps work together properly.

Why isn't this functionality built into Shopify POS?

Understanding how Shopify operates is important to understanding why some features are not included. While they are constantly improving the system as a whole, they know that they cannot build a system that works for every single use case. Instead, they built a system that is highly extendable so that companies like our can build great apps for them and solve needs. We understand that it may be frustrating, but once you understand that the system is built to be extended, it opens up areas that can be added to make your business run smoother and be more effective.

Can I pay yearly for this app?

Currently we only support the ability to pay on a 30 day basis. We are looking to add this in the future.

Why are $0.00 items not supported in DOPOS?

The $0.00 issue is something that is a bug in Shopify's code in POS. We identified this to them and they have it in their queue to fix, however, we can't push it any further and just have to wait for them to make this fix. Once this issue is resolved we will update the app accordingly.

Why can’t I apply discounts in the draft order?

Discounts are not currently supported in POS. If a discount is added, it will simply revert to the full price. This is something that needs to be fixed on Shopify’s end and they have been made aware of the issue. We have requested these items be fixed and await Shopify to make changes. Once they do, we will be sure to add this to the app and provide the support for these options.

Are notes supported in DOPOS?

Unfortunately, notes are not supported. They are not pushed over to the cart. They simply vanish. This is something that needs to be fixed on Shopify’s end and they have been made aware of the issue. We have requested these items be fixed and await Shopify to make changes. Once they do, we will be sure to add this to the app and provide the support for these options.

Can DOPOS be used for a tab type system at an event?

It is possible but requires a little bit of coordination to make it work. At this point, you would be able to save a draft, pull it up later, add to it and then save it again. During that second save, you would then need to delete the first draft for that customer. The nice thing is that drafts are in order in terms of number and there is no limit to the drafts you can have open or create.

Can I add a draft order to a current sale on Android?

If you are using android, you first have to add a product to the cart to then be able to access the cart and then click the three dots in the top right. It's not a great user experience, and it will change in the new POS released later this year, but for the time being it is how to get into the app on Android and iOS mobile.

Can I use DOPOS to handle partial payments and deposits?

Unfortunately, processing partial payments is very difficult in Shopify as there isn't really a way to handle it. We have had similar questions in the past and unfortunately our app is not set up for this and there isn't anything else we know of that can handle this.