Filtering drafts by those created on POS

            In order to see your drafts that are created on POS, we tag each draft with "Created On POS". This allows you to easily filter your draft orders in Shopify's admin dashboard. Follow the steps below to lear how to filter and save filters when possible.
            It is very important to filter on the tag with the proper capitalization. The proper tag is "Created On POS" (remove the quotes if copying and pasting).

            Shopify Desktop

            Shopify allows you to save a filter. Follow the steps to include a filter in your Shopify admin dashboard.
            1. Login to Shopify Admin and go to Orders > Drafts
            2. In the filter bar, not he far left, choose Filter > Select A Filter > Tagged With
            3. Enter "Created On POS" and click Add Filter
            Once done, this will filter your results. To save the filter: 
            1. Click on Save search on the far right of the filter bar
            2. Select Save as a new search and enter a title of your choosing. 
            3. Click Save
            You will now see the filter appear directly above the filter bar and you can easily click it and filter quickly. 

            Shopify Mobile

            It is not possible to save a search on Shopify Mobile. You can access the saved search created on desktop above or simply type in the search query of "Created On POS" in the draft orders area of the mobile application. 

            Updated: 16 May 2019 04:41 AM
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