If you are planning to uninstall recipes, there are a few steps you need to take before deleting the app from your store. If you already have, not to worry, these can be done easily by editing your theme code.

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1. Remove Any Recipe Shortcodes

Make sure that recipe shortcodes have been completely removed from all your pages, articles, and other places in your site. If the rest of the files are removed below, the shortcode will begin to show as plain text instead of a recipe.

2. Remove Render Snippets from Theme.liquid

The second step is to remove the render tags from your theme.liquid file. This ensures you don't see any errors once you remove the rest of the files. In your theme.liquid file of your theme, look for the following two lines and remove them:

{{ 'recipes.scss.css' | asset_url | stylesheet_tag }}
{% render 'recipes-custom-css' %}

Once removed, save the file.

3. Remove Render Tag from Pages and Articles

Recipes adds a render tag to each of your page and article templates in order to make sure that you can easily add shortcodes to any page or article. These should be removed. Access each of your page and article templates and remove the following render tag:

{% render 'recipes-static' %}

4. Remove Recipes Files

Recipes inserts a number of snippet files that are used to display your recipes. These files can simply be deleted from your theme. The files to look for are the following:

  1. nippets/recipe-single.liquid
  2. snippets/recipes-static.liquid
  3. snippets/recipes-custom-css.liquid
  4. assets/recipes.css
  5. assets/recipe.js

Not all of these files may be present in your theme, but all of them should be removed if you no longer need the application

Once the above 3 steps are complete, simply delete the app from your store. Your recipes data will be removed after 48 hours, so make sure to create a backup of your data if you wish to continue to use it in the future.