Now that you've installed Recipes, you'll want to add your first recipe to your site. Here's how:

Creating Your Recipe:
  • In your Shopify store navigate to the Apps area and launch Recipes.
  • In the top navigation within the app, click "Recipes".
  • On the right- hand side click the "Create Recipe".
  • Give your recipe a title. Keep these succinct and to the point. (Don't worry you can always change it later).
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Create a Recipe

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Title your recipe

Recipe Content:

  • Next, you'll see a blank recipe with all of the fields you should need.
  • Add your summary, keywords, notes and all other details as you scroll down the page.
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Fill in your recipe details


  • When uploading images, be sure to use high-resolution files, making sure they don't exceed 2 MB.
  • Files must be standard images file types: JPEG or PNG
Try using a tool like Canva to create engaging images for both your recipe and social media.


  • Adding ingredients is made simple in Recipes.
  • Simply click "Add Ingredient" and add as many as needed for your recipe.

Finalizing Your Recipe:

  • Feel free to add as many or as little details as you like, you can always change them, add more and remove items later.
  • Make sure to save your changes. Once all details have been entered, you can get the shortcode for the recipe at the top of the recipe card details page or navigate back to the Recipes list to save for another time.
  • From the Recipes list you can then choose to edit your recipes or grab the shortcode to add to your blog post or page.

Adding Your Recipe to a Page:

  • Once your recipe is saved and you have copied the shortcode, you can simply paste the shortcode into your page or into the blog post where you want it to appear.
  • The shortcode should appear exactly as it did when copied.
  • Make sure nothing is added to it or it may not work properly.
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