How much does Recipes cost?

The Basic Plan for the Recipes app is totally free. You are able to easily add, edit and publish up to 5 recipes without it costing you any monthly fee.

Should you wish to go over the 5 recipe limit, it will cost $15/month. This will give you the ability to add unlimited recipes. You can see all of our pricing information in our Recipes Application listing in the Shopify App Store.

How do I install the Recipes App?

From the Shopify App store listing, “Add App”. You will be redirected to your store where you can choose “Install App” in the bottom right corner. Once the app is installed, you will be asked to install the code to display your recipes to the theme of choice. Don’t worry, this is an automatic process. We recommend duplicating your live theme first, and then installing Recipes into that copy to ensure everything displays correctly and you can revert changes easily if needed.

If you need to install to another theme at some point, that’s not a problem, simply scroll down on the home page and choose your alternative install theme. Once the app is installed, you can begin to create your recipes.

How do I add a new recipe?

Adding a new recipe couldn’t be easier. From the Recipes apps starting page, navigate to the Recipes page (located in the tabs at the top). Select “Add Recipe” and give your recipe an attention-grabbing name (don’t worry, you can change this later!). The recipe card detail page will automatically appear and you can begin to input your recipe details.

Feel free to add as many or as little details as you like, you can always change them, add more and remove items later. Make sure to save your changes.  Once all details have been entered, you can get the shortcode for the recipe at the top of the recipe card details page or navigate back to the Recipes list to save for another time.

From the Recipes list you can then choose to edit your recipes or grab the shortcode to add to your blog post or page.

How do I edit a recipe?

Editing an existing recipe is simple. From the Recipes library, select "Edit" from the far right hand side. This should take you into the Recipe card and allow you to make changes and overwrite the current recipe content.

How do I add a recipe to my blog post or page?

Once your recipe is saved and you have copied the shortcode, you can simply paste the shortcode into your page or into the blog post where you want it to appear.

The shortcode should appear exactly as it did when copied. Make sure nothing is added to it or it may not work properly.

Is there a way to add a recipe to a page with sections?

This is currently in the works and should be available soon.

My recipe isn't showing up, what do I do?

Once you add your shortcode to your blog post or page and preview it everything should appear without issue. If you’re not seeing your recipe appear, follow the steps found in Support on the Recipe dashboard. If the recipe still isn’t appearing correctly, reach out to us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

How do I upgrade my Recipes app?

If you’re loving Recipes and looking to increase your number of recipe cards to over 5, upgrading your plan is easy. Select “Upgrade Recipes” from the dashboard and approve the upgrade. Once upgraded, you’ll be able to add an unlimited number of recipes to your store.

Why do I need Recipes? Can't I just type them into my site?

Yes, of course, you can just type them in but there are some major benefits to using the Recipes app such as:

  • SEO is standard with Recipes. It ensures you have the correct recipe markup.
  • It's an incredibly mobile-friendly layout. We include a template that allows people to follow along with recipes easily from all devices.
  • Design is standard, and we have even more templates coming soon.
  • All data is stored directly on your store so there is never any issues with loading, it's blazing fast!