Installing and using Recipes with Shogun page builder is possible with a few simple steps

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Before you will be able to add recipes to your Shogun pages, there are a couple of lines of code that need to be added to your theme.

Adding Code to Your Theme

  1. Navigate to your Store and then to your theme
  2. Click Edit Code from the dropdown menu next to Customize
  3. Go to the Layout folder, and click theme.liquid to open it in the right hand window
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the file and add in the code below just above the body tag (see image for help)

Here's the Code:

{% if template.suffix contains "shogun" %}
  {% render 'recipes-static' %}
{% endif %}

Here's Where to Paste It:

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Adding a Recipe to a Page

  1. Go to the Shogun page you would like to add your recipe to
  2. If you don't have a page already created, go ahead and make one
  3. In the page editor add any section to your page (it does not have to be an HTML section, but can be if you like)
  4. Go to Recipes and copy the shortcode of the recipe you wish to add
  5. Paste in the shortcode into your Shogun page
  6. Make sure to save and then publish your changes once you are happy with the layout
Need more support using Shogun with Recipes? Get in touch with our team by contacting